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Store and manage digital currencies with ease in the smart and beautiful web-based cryptocurrency wallets developed by Polytrade.

Polytrade Capital

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• Binary options • Social trading • Multi Crypto Wallet

Great Performance

You'll be surprised to see the Final Results of your trading with aid of our auto trader.

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Polytrade Capital

Our flagship trading, investment, and mining platform is designed for all classes of investors and traders. Trade from your desktop or on-the-go with the most powerful & convenient web trading platform suitable on any device.

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About Polytrade Capital

We a company that strives to stay in the forefront of the Cryptocurreny industry, we are active in the Cryptocurreny trading and mining market. As a result, we offer our numerous clients good investment opportunities. Our continuous use of advanced infrastructure and automated payment processing has enabled us to find ways to offer more to our clients. We are a reliable and trustworthy Cryptocurreny mining company, and our investment past records can show how far we have come as a Cryptocurreny investment company.

Even More Richer Features

Polytrade Capital provides a fully automated mining and investment platform. Our cloud hosting technology is 100% uptime guaranteed.

Multiple Payment Methods

We work with the most popular e-currencies, ranging from Bitcoin to Litecoin, PerfectMoney and Payeer.

Trading Tools

Familiarize yourself with advanced strategies and FITS trading toolset. Take your trading to the next level.

Data Security

Cold storage and multi-cluster system architecture, full data encryption and anti-DDoS protection

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Auto Trading Software

Providing auto trading in the binary robot that wins almost 99% of the time!

Automatic Payouts

Once your investment is activated, profits are automatically credited to your account on daily basis.

Multi Crypto Wallet

We provide secured web based wallets which you can access through you computer, tablet, phone or laptop.

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Polytrade Capital Mastercard

The Polytrade Capital crypto Mastercard allows you to buy, exchange, and spend fiat and cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ethereum, at perfect interbank exchange rates

The Polytrade Capital Mastercard works like any debit card today. Connect your wallet to spend online and offline at any ATM or POS supporting MasterCard worldwide.

  • Completely secure
  • Immediate spending notifications
  • Transparent low fees
  • No monthly or annual charges
  • No credit checks
  • Only USD currency is allowed
  • Withdraw fund or check balances from any ATM supporting MasterCard globally
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Investment Packages

We provide variety of investment packages suitable for every class of investor. The investment packages listed below are just a few options based on experience, and demand. We also offer customised investment package on request by high profile investors or institutions.


3% / Daily
  • Min Deposit: $200
  • Max Deposit: $1,000
  • Daily Returns: 3%
  • Insurance: 100%
  • Payout: Automatic


Most Popular
5% / Daily
  • Min Deposit: $1,000
  • Max Deposit: $3,000
  • Daily Returns: 5%
  • Insurance: 100%
  • Payout: Automatic


8% / Daily
  • Min Deposit: $3,000
  • Max Deposit: $5,000
  • Daily Returns: 8%
  • Insurance: 100%
  • Payout: Automatic


10% / Daily
  • Min Deposit: $5,000
  • Max Deposit: $20,000
  • Daily Returns: 10%
  • Insurance 100%
  • Payout: Automatic


Most Popular For High Profile Investors
15% / Daily
  • Min Deposit: $20,000
  • Max Deposit: NO LIMIT
  • Daily Returns: 15%
  • 1 Year License
  • Payout: Automatic


30% / Daily
  • Min Deposit: $40,000
  • Max Deposit: NO LIMIT
  • Daily Returns: 30%
  • Insurance: 100%
  • Payout: Automatic

What Clients Say?

Polytrade Capital has provided me with the perfect grounding and structure to help me achieve my goals and deliver my targets. The available support allow me to interact, while learning skills and strategies which can be applied to their individual trading. From the very first contact with Polytrade Capital  I received very friendly, helpful and prompt service, along with accurate ...

Ross Bulwark

I believe that the service you provide to investors is excellent and helps make the cryptocurrencies trading process stress-free. You have always communicated well with us, and you are always willing to go the extra mile.

Chris Aristizabal

Polytrade Capital is a one stop solution for cryptocurrencies trading success. They are prompt and have excellent service, with bundle of information on trading profitability, which really makes Polytrade Capital a class apart from others in this field.

Enrique Levi

This was extremely beneficial since I was seeking a for financial freedom. They provided me with reliable information, trading tips, and orientation to their investment packages. Most importantly the whole process was completely transparent. Polytrade Capital operates in a highly professional manner balanced with a personal touch. I highly recommend their services to any cryptocurrencies tra...

Adele Mordechay

If one of my friends introduced me to Polytrade Capital. The emphasis on finding a perfect trading software helped so much in making the trading as seamless as possible. I couldn’t be happier. And I never waited even a day for a response to my questions about about successful trading. The advice has been spot on.

Yoram Kedem

My experience with Polytrade Capital was life-changing. From the very beginning the technical team were entirely committed to my financial dream. They assisted me to overcome all obstacles. Always supportive and realistic, they gave me the confidence I needed to be where I am today. Simple but generous gestures.

Sarah Shooltheis

Recent Payout

Date Member Amount Deposited Payout Amount Transaction hash
2020-01-13 9:11:21 DavidMason1 5.39307873 BTC 15.59307873 BTC 5ebb82725c3dd7aaf4d241e2d6970a6b4082abecb59faca1a855cde255582c05
2020-01-13 5:40:00 henderson001 7.64761815 BTC 20.54762879 BTC 9dd0a2c7488f12be95f3ac5895d9845923637551ad5a81a9e87604e3e8983056
2020-01-12 6:11:00 Noah12 15.12247118 BTC 45.48287123 BTC a6de746f107161071d7eff29690ebf50d42f355668b3b75026df86a830d55133
2020-01-12 6:11:23 Woodsworth21 1.52730181 BTC 7.07733186 BTC b385d309fbca8fc164da42465ddc7073b52945a4ccbf93f68e23be9d84d616fe
2020-01-11 6:11:23 Williamstigres 51.2613481 BTC 189.3604497 BTC f156ea61cb142e93e1f5e59f243edfbf90d0d5d5e4f3467b3fbc2037eb09ccb5
2020-01-11 4:09:29 Theresa18 5.24145341 BTC 10.54545311 BTC 74352525f711396a0083adc479f865749e5014248800019be08a831a85433e4b
2020-01-10 6:11:23 Sussanjabis 2.58672126 BTC 12.58672056 BTC ed98db04ea77eba21ddade0de559ffbe010c73cf6fe733a8e53534071afdfc01
2020-01-09 4:07:39 Adamson 14.23541341 BTC 25.44545311 BTC dbe81d66678836684a718ace99aefb625a2ab75d704ec76a277b17c2f06b17a9
2020-01-09 1:01:47 GaryScott 67.14713981 BTC 119.38710999 BTC ece87b2c73240448280f449f32c539514dcc3943dc7483281bffa034ce7e65ef
2020-01-08 10:31:21 Omarion16 1.02080703 BTC 4.15060709 BTC 582fb7bd1d0ebdc963fe654e1437f2acf271c55e708b5530cfae14868dd6600f
2020-01-08 8:05:03 Kelvinoman 5.52108461 BTC 10.05118774 BTC 629d163255d42308c8ab917b7028757e3044331c7b163eb89baecda80efdfb73
2020-01-07 2:57:51 Matlogan 11.143292521 BTC 23.46298521 BTC 549bb865e7fd78d2ba7c101d34b23365356b88c44cb9bba22b8fff9e07b8ac46
2020-01-07 4:07:39 Beatrice91 0.14425210 BTC 1.44545311 BTC 738e5cbba3c48feb78820c3687e2f673fc2f11a371acd00e1b1c9894e489bfd1
2020-01-06 6:11:23 Aliciawalters 35.2103686 BTC 50.31537096 BTC a83cfe241b57adf5e39049cf2c19788a7a139cd5073e5a2aa296eb08bc480cd2
2020-01-05 6:25 Abramgoldman 118.52167938 BTC 125.02069928 BTC d56db13f3c197945bca10984332be30d0f44ebcab2bb8c1e73f218a360b3a31e
2020-01-04 10:58:29 Sarahjohn 1.841938 BTC 2.7588274 BTC 6256a41b9a6783259fd3786865227ab47e47a85500eec67989582fb670023d75
2020-01-04 7:12:05 Gloriajay 18.3126513 BTC 39.74406533 BTC 74c5ed3867a5747026ccf4fe38663cd142c185c5bec401d91006e6fa5116c9bb
2020-01-03 7:12:05 Daniella04 1.143218231 BTC 3.43268232 BTC 4cd0ce05149281c83f4b1a9aa1ecdbc0dcafdb77f2e6bb5923252e6183448cc7
2020-01-03 7:41:06 Keishawilly 4.30134456 BTC 10.50534887 BTC 4735c446dfd77a01ab91299bfbd4d29d2afaf2e79a6edfa34030aae062d6ab94
2019-12-30 7:41:06 Hudsonmark 10.34141253 BTC 39.74042264 BTC 27b8bb5f2dbf0fc46fdee0ef4aa35b604ed3c42a7bf47a6f1e0cc2f3d6741148
2019-12-30 3:06:35 Kendrick17 2.14478621 BTC 10.32478811 BTC ea0395582de9336748dfbfee5220109ba50fa891b373c376479be04d881c46c9
2019-12-29 3:06:35 Annabella 6.144721 BTC 17.3271 BTC ea0395582de9336748dfbfee5220109ba50fa891b373c376479be04d881c46c9
2019-12-29 04:52:26 Richardson 0.5813651 BTC 0.9458335 BTC 558211f6cbdc9f6f9d8bc2a38aad96d1620c08fee2f26b4e3acb67feb83b9ebc
2019-12- 29 04:31:32 hansah32 0.124851 BTC 0.528850 BTC a4028abe2bbfefa8ce5f815a92d870838044c98d22a66b0faa1e82f9add7db19